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Foot Tendonitis Treatment

When you are diagnosed with foot tendonitis then you will require prompt

Foot Tendonitis Treatment

to make sure you will heal as quickly as possible.  The feet are a part of the body that most everyone uses every day and our way of coming and going places are our feet. This is the main reason that makes sense to take care of our feet, the best we can.

Some people spend most of your work time on your feet and you might develop foot problems or tendonitis of the foot. What you want to do that is important and can help lesson you having a serious problem is to make sure to treat the problem as soon as they occur.

The best idea to do if you think you are having foot problems or tendonitis in the feet is to get to your doctor as soon as you have a problem. Waiting could be one of the worst thing you can do and can cause more serous injury.

Let’s get some further information on foot tendinitis may be important to know so you can get foot tendonitis treatment.

What is Tendonitis anyway?

First thing is a tendon is the fibrous tissue that will connect muscle to bone.   The tendon is very strong and kind of works like a rubber band.  The purpose of this elastic tissue is to absorb the force of the bones to muscles when you are performing any activity.

What happens when there is a lot of force or tension on the tendon is called tendonitis.  So what happens is that the tendon becomes inflamed and pain.  Here are some reasons on how tendinitis can occur:

  • Overworked muscles
  • Rigorous activity
  • Even the weather, like when we grow old (loss of elasticity)

Foot Tendonitis also referred to as tendinitis typically occurs when in the Achilles tendonitis in the heel.  This type of tendinitis is usually found with runners.  The runners really use the heel on a type of material movement.  The more the tension of the muscle attaches to the heel (Achilles tendon), then usually have tendinitis Achilles heel.

When you have tendinitis or tendonitis Achilles heel of the foot, you find that you have severe pain and a burning sensation when performing the movement in the foot.  You can also get a tendinitis at the top of the foot as well, but this is not so common.   Bikers and long distance runners are not alone in getting tendinitis or tendonitis Achilles heel of the foot.   Anyone can get, but it is important to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Sometimes runners and other athletes do not stop their activity and do not bother to seek foot tendonitis treatment.  This is and can become a big problem.  Left untreated, tendonitis in the foot may cause permanent damage to the foot.

Treatment of tendonitis of the foot:

The most important thing to do is stop the exercise and allow the tendonitis in the foot to heal.  This is one of the best things you can do once you are diagnosed with tendonitis of the foot or Achilles tendonitis in the heel.   The next step is to apply ice packs to your foot while the foot is raised.

If pain and inflammation is a lot to handle you can take some something with anti-inflammatory – either something prescribed or topical.  When the inflammation decreases the pain will also drop.

Now What do I do?

Now that the foot tendonitis is resolved, you will have to slowly work back into the exercise program. You have to start small and stretch the tendons before exercise. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated too.

Here is a little long-term prevention.  You can try to use a heel or even some kind of cushion in your running shoes.  This assistance will help reduce the chances of getting tendinitis Achilles heel or tendonitis in the foot again.  This is why it is important to have foot tendonitis treatment to avoid further injury.